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Algerian Stuffed Pastry (Mhajeb)

Traditionally, Mahajeb are filled with a simple tomato and onion mixture and cooked over a hot stove. In Algeria, you’ll find street vendors everywhere making them right on the grill. It’s quick, cheap, and hits the spot every time. Stories passed down through the generations say that mahajeb were once considered food for the poor. There are commonly made in the spring after the wheat harvest when semolina is readily available and also in the time when tomatoes and onions are in season and affordable to most. In the past, bakers would add meat fat to the mahajeb to make them more substantial. As time changes, most people no longer include the fat but the process is still very much the same. The dough is made and left to rest while the filling is prepared. While mahajeb are usually filled with sauteed onions and tomatoes however, here at The Lore, we love experimenting with flavors so of course we made the traditional mahajeb but then also did several with our own twist!

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Watercress and Arugula Salad

This watercress and arugula salad recipe has all the makings of a classic. The only trick is to get the best watercress and arugula your supermarket has to offer. We love the combination of spicy watercress, crispy celery and snappy arugula. Sometimes, I add pomegranates and feta cheese to add sweetness and tanginess. Other times, I add apples or garlicky potatoes. 

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