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Stuffed Zucchinis and Potatoes- Algerian Dolma

Zucchinis and Potatoes are cored and stuffed with spiced ground beef. Every culinary culture has a version of this dish: vegetables stuffed with ground meat. In Algeria this dish is called Dolma or even Mahshi. In some regions around North Africa its called mahshi. Whatever it’s called, all these dishes have one thing in common. They are delicious!

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A must have for iftar (breaking of the fast) during the Holy month of Ramadan (a month where Muslims observe fasting from sunrise until sun down) is bourak. Bourak are basically goodness wrapped in a spring roll wrapper. Different countries around world shape these differently, in some parts of the world, people refer to them as sambousa but in algeria they’re known as bourak. The ingredients in bourak vary from region to region and even within families.

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Algerian Brioche

This is my mom’s recipe. Over the past few months, I have experimented with it to create the detailed one that can be used by anybody. My mom’s recipe does not require an overnight rise (like most brioche recipes), and while the buns look like any regular brioche bun, there is a surprise on the inside for anyone who bites into it or breaks it apart.

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