My City: Sabrina's NYC

We ask you to share with us the places you love in your city. Sabrina, in her early twenties, lives in Manhattan and tells us where she goes to see the two sides of her new hometown.

columbus circle


If you want to see the two sides of Manhattan, then go to Asiate at Columbus Circle. This mid-to- upscale lounge and restaurant has the best views of Central Park and the Midtown skyline. Asiate’s unfussy ambiance and zen decor bring in the outside views in the most complimentary way. This is the place I go to when I want to get dressed up and enjoy the best brunch while people watching from 50 floors up. At that height we all look like ants, but our movements and the energy we exude is what makes New York so special. For brunch my usual selection is uncomplicated and delicious: egg benedict with extra fruit on the side.


Eataly Rooftop

Living in New York, the tall buildings tend to insulate us from the subtle changes in the seasons. The rooftop of Eataly is  the place I go to if I really want to enjoy the season whatever it may be. Whether it is a winter wonderland without the wind chills or the fields of flowers of spring, Eataly has it all. The ambiance aside, Eataly has amazing Italian food that invokes the flavors of the Amalfi Coast and the storied trattorias of Roma. This place is great for dates, family outings, or even work meetings. The ambiance at Eataly has never let me down and the resulting  pictures are always impressive.

The West village

The West Village has easily claimed its spot as my favorite neighborhood in New York. It looks like a set straight out of a movies, families walking to school or the park, couples sitting at cafes and a straggling tourist snapping the brownstones. Compared to the rest of the city it can be downright “serene.” There are a number of restaurants that blend in right with the neighborhood, unassuming, almost pricey but not, and most have a homey feel. On nicer nights, my husband and I love to walk around and explore… we always joke that it’s like we were able to “get away” without actually leaving the city.  

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